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Every bride is so excited to try on their first gown. It is such a special day to marry the man of your dreams;and every girl wants to look their best. For consultants it is a special day for you as well and we want to make sure to listen and take every suggestion you have to help in finding the perfect gown for your big day! There are a few ways you can be prepared to help your dress shopping and buying experience successful.

  1. Go into the experience open minded.
    When you decide to schedule your first gown appointment it is great to have ideas, but it is important to be open minded to different ideas as well. Bridal consultants are well educated in whats hot and whats not, as well as body types, themes of weddings, and how certain gowns will fit.
  2. Don’t be afraid to step out side of your comfort level, you will probably surprise your self!
  3. Give your self time.
    Ordering a wedding gown takes time, we suggest buying your gown at least a year out. In doing this you give your self the opportunity to get the gown you want and not settle for something off the rack, that has been tried on by so many people. Once your gown is ordered you can start to plan other parts of your wedding that are planned around your gown: like bridesmaid dresses, hair, decorations, cake, and flowers, (just to name a few).
  4. Don’t be afraid to commit.
    There is not a rule book that says you have to try on a thousand gowns before you decide. When you are shopping for your gown, you are searching for a feeling. That feeling that makes you not want to take the dress off. That feeling of love, like when your fiancee proposed to you, the one that gave you butterflies! When you put on a gown and say you love it, that is your dress. Don’t walk away from it! It may not be available when you come back and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of wearing the gown of your dreams.

So lets recap: be open minded, give your self time and be ready to commit! I hope this will help while preparing for your special day and we hope to see you soon. And stay tuned for more blogs, tips and maybe a funny story to two coming to you.