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Contrary to popular opinion, the bride is not the only one who has big decisions to make about her wedding day attire. Today’s grooms are looking for creative ways to show off their personal style for their big day as well. They are thinking about cool socks or maybe changing it up with bowties ( which are making a huge comeback ) or pocket squares. Creating your personal style deserves some serious thought. Here are 4 points to putting your look together.

    1. Tux or no tux — Remember to follow the general theme of the wedding. Formal — destination or rustic.
    2. Color scheme — Should stick with the plan. However don’t discount the power of an accent color.
    3. Think outside the boutonniere — This a unique way to incorporate and express your hobby and activities. Golf tee mixed in with a single flower bud. Check with your florist and pintrest for your DYI idea.
    4. Make the groom stand out from the groomsmen — The bride stands out from the bridesmaids so should the groom stand out from his groomsmen. The key is to find a specific element that will accomplish this.

Brides get your man on board with the choices with his wedding attire and men run with it.