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Why ARE you?

One of the things that we see a lot here are people worrying themselves to death over something that isn’t even on the horizon. We are here to help with that! Below is a list of situations to avoid along with a couple of opportunities you do not need to pass on.

Before stressing, ask yourself these questions?

Not engaged?
Why ARE you shopping?

No money?
Why ARE you shopping?

Not ready to buy?
Why ARE you shopping?

Already have a dress?
Why ARE you shopping?

Wedding 2 years or longer away?
Why ARE you shopping?

Had a terrible experience with a store?
Why ARE you shopping there?

Bought a gown online, not what you expected?
Why ARE you surprised?

Not really in love with a dress?
Why ARE you taking pictures of it?

Fell in love with a gown?
Why ARE you passing on the dress?

Haven’t been to our shop?
Why ARE you waiting!?

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